The Writing Show

This week’s post will be a little on short side. Things are really taking off with my novel, so sorry if I’m slacking off! (I figured your eyes could use a reading break from my verbose postings.)

For the past month, I have been doing some website work for a wonderful little weekly program, the Writing Show. It’s a splendid radio show that focuses on four things: passion, platform, conferences, and craft . The show broadcasts every Monday night at 8 on Blog Talk Radio with a rebroadcast on Saturday’s at noon. It’s like a weekly mini writer’s conference in the comfort of your home! The rest of this month and next features some wonderful writers including Tracy Groot, Susie Finkbeiner, Mike Wittmer and many many more. You can check out previous shows through their podcasts here!

I write the guests bios (more like piecing things together out of the author’s already-existing bio) and make sure the calendar is up-to-date. It’s not glamorous, but it is fun working with the tWS folks. I thought I’d pass this on to y’all. It’s a wonderful resource. Tune in Monday at eight, Saturday at noon, or subscribe to the weekly podcast!


2 thoughts on “The Writing Show

  1. Oo! I forgot about that! Last week, they made the call to end the Saturday re-broadcast to make room for other things…(I should probably update this post!) They do have a wonderful podcast though!
    Next week, one of my all-time favorite authors, Tracy Groot, is being featured. Check it out!


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