On Cultivating Digital Spaces

What sort of space are you cultivating?

Anytime someone begins to describe the goals for their digital platform to me, I most likely will interrupt with this question. I mean, not like out of no where—usually with some context. That context being this:

Any time we invite someone to spend time with us, we’re inviting them into a context—a space with a pathos and purpose. We’re cultivating a space in which to build something.

So before you get too far down the road with what your goal may be in your digital spaces, I want to ask you what sort of space are you seeking to cultivate?

How are you welcoming them? Are they made to feel comfortable? What are you hoping they walk away from your spaces with

I’ve coached writers for years that your written work is like a meal you’ve prepared to be shared. So what sort of setting have you cultivated in order to serve it to them.

It’s not about how many people you’ve got around the table, but how you care for those who have accepted the invitation.

All space is sacred space if we recognize the gift it is to host those who bear the divine image.

Side note, this is a shot of Abbotsford, where Sir Walter Scott lived. He certainly cultivated a splendid literal space readers now visit. This photo is of the garden.

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