Alexis has written tweets for million-book bestsellers and NBA All-Star champions. (She doesn’t kiss and tell, but ApricotServices.com does!) Through her work with Apricot Services, Lex wears the hat of project manager, content creator, and content editor. By night, she is an aspiring novelist and tea enthusiast.  Mostly she loves Jesus.

…That’s what I tell people professionally. What I’ll tell you this this:

I’m a 26 year old that still loves playing pretend…on paper. Tell me a good story and I’m a happy girl. I write mostly young adult fiction and love reimagining classic stories in a new setting or with a key twist.

I’m a writer who markets to pay the bills. My favorite people to market with is Apricot Services where I write copy, curate content, and—yes, sometimes catfish people as various popular Christian authors. And I love my job.

Besides reading and writing, I love travel and exploring restaurants and coffee shops in which to have good conversations. I’m the accidental Jury Rights Jeopardy champion of Austin, TX (Long story), will never turn down a good piece of toast, and I hate coffee—tea all the way. I’m an old soul just waiting for the day a jazz club opens in Grand Rapids.

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the internet!