Resumes: I’m an English major, not a genius!

I have found as I begin to send out my resume that I am highly intimidated by business-y things. Turns out, in humanities classes, they don’t talk very much about getting a job, gaining experience, or putting together and impressive resume.

Not to mention, I find pencil skirts are restrictive, interviews are stuffy, and resumes are… well, I’m not quite sure I’ve got a knack for getting a job. Keeping a job, I know I can do. It’s that odd, “please take me on because I want to be paid so I’m going to pretend I am the best person in the world so you’ll think I am awesome despite the fact that I have no experience whatsoever” business that scares me. It’s unnatural.

Putting together my revised resume, I wasn’t even sure what to put on it. Everyone says it’s supposed to include so much information, but only be a page, and it has to be professional.

Well this made me think that that meant boring. Not true! I am an artsy and creative person, why should my resume not show that? 

The purpose of a resume is to get the attention of potential employers. It’s supposed to be you on a single page. What they see is what they believe they’d be getting so why not show them something awesome?

I’m not a super-avid pinner (which you’ve probably noticed if you follow me on Pinterest.) but I was able to find some awesome examples of resumes that made me excited to design my own. (I’ll warn you now, many of the examples are resumes of graphic designers–which I’m fairly sure is cheating! I am not a graphic designer, but I was still able to glean some ideas that have served me well in the past couple months.)

Between some creative arrangement and theme work and some nice paper, you can certainly get a potential employer to give your resume a second glance. I’m a big fan of nice paper. Office supply stores have some lovely finishes and cuts if you are willing to spend a little extra money (It’s no joke, it takes money to make money!)

It may be a little intimidating, but don’t be afraid to try something a little off the beaten path. It may pay off in the end.

I’ll update you on my job/internship search soon!


3 thoughts on “Resumes: I’m an English major, not a genius!

  1. This is true. I wanted to help those who may be looking for a more out-of-the-box position, as I was at the time. Obviously, certain hiring agents are not looking for their potential employees to exercise as much creativity.
    As someone looking for a position in an artistic field, I used my resume as an example of the creativity and design experience I had gained through school and various intern work. It worked out for me and I hope this helps for someone else in my shoes!


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