Technology is Not Neutral

I have attended a marvelous church for the past seven years and have always felt privileged to be challenged by thought provoking and convicting sermons. We’ve just started a series on technology, exploring what seems amoral and neutral.

This past Sunday’s sermon resonated with me as I thought about how much time I spend plugged in to social media and what effect it has had on my relationships, writing, and education. We all spend so much time in virtual reality, when was the last time we really pondered our actual reality? And why do we feel so lonely when we have more connections to more people than ever before? 

I want to go into detail, but I would just be rehashing the lecture, so I’ll just cut to the chase: Below is the video from the service. I will warn you that it is a little long, but worth the time. I encourage you to take a look and let me know what you think.

Also, I have heard tell that some of you are having trouble making comments. Never fear! If you email me your thoughts, I will add them in to the comments section under your first name or alias of your choice. Send me your comments at and I will post them at my latest convenience.

Enjoy and think deeply!


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