Friday Favorites: January

It’s that time again and I’ve got five new favorites for this month! Check them out and let me know what you think!

1.The One Stick

This is my favorite new product. Be a Bombshell produces a stick of all-in-one lip color,

blush, and eye shadow… Now why you want pink eye shadow, I don’t know, but it works great for the other two! My favorite shade is flustered. (The one in the picture is called girl crush.) A tube costs $16 from their website. I’m sure you can find it for less elsewhere. It’s a great matte lip, which I love wearing both dressed up and dressed down.

2. Day Planner Printable

I love lists. I am also a little scatter-brained. How to I keep everything straight? Well, recently, it’s been all thanks to Ann Voskamp’s printable day planner from her blog, A Holy Experience. You can find the planner here. It is sorted into sections based on priority. There are 3 “dire” tasks to be completed that day, places to list daily and domestic to-dos, and even a menu slot. My favorite part is that it provides spaces for a daily memory verse and a relationship to focus on. This has been my favorite addition to the new year BY FAR.

3. Brides Throwing Cats

I just… It’s just so… Ugh! there are no words. It’s photo blog. Of brides. Throwing cats. Enjoy!

4. Sacre` Bleu by Christopher Moore

Such a weird book, but so wonderfully clever! Moore explores the world of post-impressionist artists in Paris and the murder–not suicide– of Vincent Van Gogh. And the color Blue is a character. And it’s wildly witty and so unexpected. Try it on for size. I’ve really enjoyed the read.
*Please note that this is not for the kiddos… unless the cover didn’t tip you off to that. There is sexual content (Less than the cover implies, I promise.) and language. The story is well worth it, so don’t let that turn you off.

5. SHERLOCK!!!!!!
At last we’ve arrived at Series 3… and I’m an American so I haven’t seen it yet, but I just know it’s going to be a favorite this month. If you have been hiding under a rock for the past four years, you can catch up on series 1 &2 on Netflix. Watch the series trailer here and plan a watch party with my previous post! [Also, in reference to the trailer: “It’s been 2 years. He’s gotten on with his life.” John may have, but the rest of us have not. Seriously, it has been much too long.] The premier is on January 19th on PBS at 10pm EST.

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: January

  1. Eeeeeep!!! Sherlock. That's all on that. 🙂
    The cats, oh my lands. That's the funniest thing I've ever seen.
    I do love lists, too, as I'm so scatterbrained. I'm sure it's more scatter than brain. I had no idea Ann had planners though, and this one looks really good. Thanks for sharing.

    Since it's been a crazy couple weeks, I have some catching up to do here. 🙂 So be wary of the peppering of comments about to take place!


  2. Yay for comment bombing!
    I am so glad Sherlock is back! Especially after last night's episode. I hope the new season is everything you and your husband have been anticipating and more!
    Is the list not amazing! It's all the reminders I need for the day laid out in a wonderful fashion. I hope you find it helpful.
    And ah, the cats. You know, for not being the biggest cat fan, I have featured cats more times on this blog than almost anything else… Perhaps I should be more troubled by this…


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