GIVEAWAY: Susie Finkbeiner’s My Mother’s Chamomile AND Paint Chips

Sign yourself up folks! We’ve got an awesome twofor today!

If you enjoyed Susie Finkbeiner’s guest post on Monday, I highly encourage you to sign up for this giveaway.  Susie has graciously agreed to pass along a copy of both Paint Chips and My Mother’s Chamomile. Both her published novels are up for grab today for one lucky reader.

The giveaway will close 11:59 on March 19th. You have two weeks and six–count them–six ways to win! Give Susie’s blog, twitter, or facebook page a follow AND give Preppy Bohemia’s blog, twitter or facebook page a follow. Six chances for two awesome books. I’m tellin’ ya it doesn’t get better than this!

The winner will be contacted on March 20th and the shipment of the books will follow shortly afterward. Please spread the words to your friends. I mean, come on, free books!

a Rafflecopter giveaway//

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