Favorites for the Month of May

Hey y’all!
It’s been a little while since I’ve had a favorites posting and I thought I’d use this month to explore summer sounds. I put together a summer-y soundtrack to celebrate my first weekend at the beach…though it looks like it’s going to rain the whole time. Oh well, nothing a few good tunes can’t turn around!

1. Summertime–Head and the Heart
I went to see the Head and the Heart last month. The show was okay, but their music is wonderful. This peppy song really makes me excited for summer. The synth intro is quirky and upbeat and Charity’s unique vocals make this one of my favorites right now.

2.Raging Fire–Phillip Phillips
Heard this one on the radio and have fallen so in love with it. The chorus makes me want to embark on some awesome adventure with the love of my life or something as equally wistful. But seriously, I think these lyrics tell a beautiful love story. This one is definitely on the respectable end of the current top 40.

3.Fall Asleep–Jars of Clay
So I grew up listening to Jars of Clay–who doesn’t love Love Song for a Savior? This number is a beautifully sad song about young love that can’t last but you don’t want to end. (I promise, this is the only sad song on the playlist!) Below (and in the link) is a video of the band discussing the making of the song.

4.Gold Mine–Breanne Duren
This song has been on my iPod for a while, but I’ve never really given it much thought, just a lot of play-time. It was a discovery download a couple years ago and I’ve just fallen in love with the retro flare and the unique tone of her voice. I hope you enjoy this tune too!

5.I Got You–Jack Johnson
Because it’s not summer without Jack Johnson. I have been a fan for ages. His music is relaxing, sometimes silly, sometimes challenging. All around good stuff and perfect for the beach. Here’s a sweet love song I have really come to enjoy.

You kind find all of these on a playlist on my YouTube Channel (which doesn’t have anything but this playlist, actually) I hope these songs help get your summer started off right!

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