Friday Favorites: July

This month we’re back to a classic Friday Favorites post. I’ve been saving up some random loves that I am quite excited to share. Here’s some random favorites for you to check out and see if you might enjoy!

1. This Disney Short
This video was so lovely. ‘The Duet’ wordlessly tells a beautifully simple love story in a matter of minutes. Definitely worth taking the time to watch.

2. This Owl Mug

Last week I bought a mug on a doughnut run for work. It was an adorable owl mug that I figured would be nice to use the small stock of tea bags I had on my shelf in the office. It’s odd, but having the mug there and the ability to have tea during breaks really helps me keep my sanity at work. I have added this to the list just to suggest that a small little happy in your day goes a long way. What’s a small thing that helps you step out of your complaints and reminds you that life is gift?

3. This Engagement Shoot… fur real though…

See what I did there? If not, well, just take this in for a minute.
I am a sucker for odd pins on Pinterest. Those pins that seem so illogical. Like why? Just why? A friend and I stumbled upon this one and found it so charming and just plain odd, I had to share it with you guys. I present the bear-head engagement photo shoot. This is a really thing. It’s whimsical and features wonderful photography. The couple is also wearing bear heads. This is a thing, people!

4. This Web Series
The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy is one of my new favorite things on the internet. For any fans of the Lizzie Bennett Diaries, I would highly recommend this. This adorable series is a re-telling of J.M. Berries Peter Pan set in modern day Ohio. It’s so precious. I really can’t get over how adorable the actress who plays Wendy is. This is a very fun way to kill four to seven minutes of your life at a time. Check it out!

5. This Band
I’m not a rap fan.
That said, a friend introduced me to Movits!, a Swedish hip-hop group. It’s like Mumford & Son’s rapping to jazz. And it’s a lot of fun. Check out this playlist. I hope you enjoy it!

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