The Five Unfortunate Phrases I Use Unironically

I really do love words. I promise

There’s just a small thing. When I hear a word I think is less than, well, usable, I tend to use it. It’s usually just too ridiculous not to!

When I was in Ireland, our host introduced our group to the word ‘Craic’ (pronounced ‘Crack’), which is defined as:

Craic is a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland. It is often used with the definite article – the craic.

At first, we didn’t believe that this was a term actually used by people, but I looked it up. It’s not commonly used. According to one slang commentary, it’s only used by sleazy guys in track suits.

Never the less, I was enchanted by the ridiculousness of this new phrase. So I started using it ironically. And then I just started using it period. Not gonna lie, I attempted a one-woman campaign on twitter and instagram trying to get #totescrack to trend.

But I do this often. I encounter a word or phrase I think is dumb or unfortunate and I begin to use it to make fun of it. And then little by little, it works its way into my vocabulary.

So here are the five phrases I can no longer use ironically:

1. Totes
This is an abbreviation of totally and just makes anything requiring an adverb sound silly. Sad but true, I pair this with a lot of words.

2. Adorbs
An abbreviated form of adorable. Thanks to the Lizzie Bennett Diaries, this is probably one of my most common pairings with ‘Totes.’ If something is cute, it really is only appropriate to use cutsie words to describe it, yes? Yeah, so that’s how this one became incorporated into my vocabulary.

3. BTDubs
By the Way! I became acquainted with this one my freshman year of college. Who would use BTW when you can use BTDubs? I mean, really.

4. Supes Dupes
Super Duper. This is probably my least used ridiculous phrase. Probably because I never even use ‘Super Duper’. Supes Dupes is just so fun to say, though!

5. The Biz
The business–as in what’s the business? or what’s up? This is probably the worst phrase I use the most often. If someone is giving me an update or walking me through a task, I will probably respond with ‘Cool biz.’ over ‘Sounds good.’

If I have lost your respect, I am quite shocked that didn’t happen sooner… I try not to use these phrases too often in my actually writing, but in day-to-day conversation, yes, I definitely use these gems.

There you go, I’ve confessed to my word crimes! What about you? Do you have any pet phrases that are less than acceptable?


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