Friday Favorites: September

Why hello there!

Thank you all for your grace in my absence from the interwebs on Monday. I started a new job that has been going well so far. My brain is pretty tired after learning so many names and the ways of a new company, but I am so thankful for this opportunity.

So I promised Friday favorites for the month and Friday favorites you shall have! Here are my top five material loves over the past month. Check ’em out and I hope you enjoy!

1. Daily Monday Planner

The calendar on my ipod is great, but I always remember things better when I physically write them down. Solution? A great planner, of course. Vera Bradley had a good design I used for a while, but they changed their design and my needs in a planner I now different than they were when I was in college.

A friend pinned a link to a planner website and I fell instantly in love. Daily Monday produces a great product. It’s a fill-in planner so you can start the dates whenever you would like. I use the month calendar for my appointment schedule and then the weekly calendar for my to-do list that I keep running for all my freelance projects. I am loving it so far and would highly recommend this design! 

2. Postmodern Jukebox

 I love old music. Really, I love music in general. While procrastinating with the help of YouTube, I came across something that was way too cool!

Postmodern Jukebox takes the latest pop songs and re-imagines them in vintage style.  Some of my favorite covers are a 1920’s version of ‘Fancy,’ a 60’s cover of Ellie Goulding’s ‘Burn,’ and a vintage soul cover of ‘All of Me’. There’s a lot more and it’s a great selection of creative covers.

3. Love and Respect Now

There’s just something really fun about talking about relationships. I love talking male-female dynamics, dating, singleness, boundaries, pretty much anything surrounding love and marriage and the ups and downs of the two.

A friends passed along a link to Love and Respect NOW, a ministry focusing on the concepts of the popular marriage book Love and Respect in the context of the lives of adults ages 18-35. They have a

blog as well as a regularly updated youtube channel I would highly recommend checking out. I’ve appreciated her persective on being single well, what it really means to ‘guard your heart,’ and what is this thing called ‘respect’ and why are guys so crazy about it? Truly great things coming from this ministry.

I now have a major woman crush on Joy Eggerichs. Seriously, this woman is great with blending truth, wisdom, and humor. She and some wonderful guest bloggers tackle the issues and questions coming from today’s singles, dating folks, and young married folks.

Also, I fantasize about going to coffee with Joy… that’s not creepy right?… don’t answer that.

4. Divergent review from Film Fisher

Growing up in a Christian home, a lot of the movies I was watched were first reviewed by my folks on PluggedIn from Focus on the Family. And after the site would denounce the movie, usually I still watched it. The site really just counted the ‘sins’ in the movie not taking in context or purpose of such things in the film.

Anyway, Film Fisher takes the same concept with a much more intelligent approach. Their review of Divergent was brilliant. Really, you need to read it. So great! He touches on some great concerns surrounding the post-apocalyptic kick everyone seems to be on. Also, the writers has some great man-beard action going on.

5. Chaider

It’s chai. With cider. Nuf. Said.

But seriously, this is really good and if you’re in the West Michigan area, you have to hoof it over to Clique Coffee Bar and try theirs out. So good!

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