Friday Favorites: February 2016

unsplash_525f012329589_1I’ve accumulated a year full of awesome favorites and I’m so excited to unroll them with you over the next year. So here’s how Friday Favorites are going to work from here on out:

Each month I will be highlighting something to try, something to click, something to read, something to watch, and something to listen to.

Now, without further ado, I give you:

February 2016

Something to try: Less screen time

The year is still young and new starts are always encouraged. Here’s what I’m encouraging you to try this month. For one hour each week for the next month, I want to challenge you to turn off your phone.
Turn it off. Leave it in your purse. In another room. Just. Walk. Away.
And go have a conversation with someone. Like a real person. Or read a book. Like with physical pages and a binding.
Really, just do something without a screen. Except maybe microwaving. Microwaving usually leads to the heating of things like doughnuts. Yes. Turn off your phone and heat up a doughnut.

Something to click: Rifle Paper Co.

Looking for a great calendar or stationary?
Rifle Paper Co. has such adorably designed products. Seriously, I can’t get over their stuff.
A page from their 2016 Alice in Wonderland calendar

Something to read: Arts & Entertainments—Christopher Beha

ArtsEntertainment-pb-cI heard Christopher Beha speak at the Festival of Faith and Writing in 2014. He is an extremely thoughtful writer who may just be our generations answer to Flannery O’Conner.
Arts & Entertainments starts as a realistic fiction novel revolving around failed actor Eddie Hartley, who is now a high school drama teacher. Eddie and his wife struggle to have a child. To afford fertility treatments on a high school teacher salary, Eddie sells a sex tape of him and ex-girlfriend-turned-hollywood-starlet.
The fall out is an incredible satirical ride that ends up holding a mirror to the reader’s world. By the end, it feels like a dystopian novel in the best way possible.
Unnerving and unputdownable. (It’s a word.)

Something to watch: Suits

The great Suits mid-season cliffhanger is about to be relieved!!!!
In the meantime, share a great moment with Donna and Harvey.

Something to listen to: Penny and Sparrow

This is by far the one I’m most excited to share this month. This duo opened for Drew Holcomb and I kind of liked them more than the act I payed to see. Beautiful lyrics, great composition, and fantastic stage presence. Seriously. These guys are hilarious…despite what their heavy lyrics would lead you to believe.

Anything by them is worth a listen. So rich. So good.

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