Teas for Spring

Returning from Italy, I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to a big mug of tea. (Don’t worry, an Italy post is to come!)

Italy is a country for coffee drinkers…which I am not. Quality was a little harder to come by and definitely more expensive. I spend most of the time there uncaffeinated. (Not being a coffee addict, this was not as dire as one may think. Just a little sad.)

Thankfully, waiting for me when I returned home was a box of goodies from the lovely folks at Adagio Teas. I received tons of great flavors, but in this post, I want to discuss my favorites of spring.


First, I have to talk about my favorite Adagio product. Many of the coffee and tea shops in Grand Rapids use the IngenuiTEA. I have had to refrain from sneaking the thing into my purse everytime I’ve used one.
Well now I don’t have to. This plastic pot is seriously the easiest way to make loose leaf tea. You just dump in your leaves, pour in your water, steep, and—this is the magic part—set it over your favorite mug. The pressure from the mug lip releases the water out of the bottom of the pot.
The IngenuiTEA pot holds 16oz, perfect for making a quick mug of tea before dashing out the door.
Try it for yourself here

Lavender Earl Grey

I first had this Adagio tea at Squibb’s Coffee Bar and was totally in love. It’s classic Early Grey with a sweet twist that is perfect for spring time. The lightness of the lavender flavor makes Earl Grey a whole new experience.
The floral and citrus flavors hit all the right notes—a dark tea with a light taste. Perfect for spring caffeination.
Try it for yourself here!

Apricot Tea

The company I work for is called Apricot Services and we drink a lot of tea…naturally I requested the Apricot flavor tea for some meta tea experiences in the office.
The tea not only boasts apricot pieces, but apple and the two mingle for a very nice flavor, balancing—not overpowering the black tea. I think this is a hard balance to hit in fruit tea and Adagio hold the flavors in a really great tension.
Try it for yourself here

White Blueberry

I think you can’t go wrong with white tea in warmer months. I’m a sucker for blueberry and thought I’d try the combo of the two. This one was not my favorite warm, but makes a wonderful iced tea. I brewed the tea in the ingenuiTEA pot and then poured it over a glass of ice.
The flavor is more delicate, so if you’re going to drink it warm, DO NOT pour boiling water over these leaves. It is possible to scald your tea and that will make the flavor bitter.
Try it for yourself here

There were more flavors in Adagio’s box of wonders, so I can’t wait to tell you about those. For now, share with me your favorite kinds of tea to drink as the weather warms up.

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