Of Bread and Advent

The other night I was feeling particularly overwhelmed about all that needed to be done to prepare for lockdown and for Christmas. And all I will be unable to do. And out of nowhere, a friend was at the door, bringing bread. A beautiful brown loaf wrapped in wax paper, tied in twine with a sprig of rosemary. A gift given because of the pleasure it brought her to make.

Oh, how this echoes Emmanuel! God incarnate who came and endured the cross because of the joy set before him. Making possible the feast reunion that one day will be.

So what was given to remind us of both the feast to come and the cross endured on our behalf? Bread. Bread we are bid to take and eat. And to taste and see that he is good. Bread has been freely given out of joy to sustain and remind:

We have hope! There is bread. There is joy. Echoes of the feast to come.

You may not be feasting this weekend in the way you usually do. You may not be with those you dreamed you’d be with. But may this Christmas be a reminder and testament to the providence of Emmanuel. And may small, unexpected gifts be a reminder of sweet and beautiful grace.

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