Friday Favorites: May 2017

Something to try: Healthy Farm Girl Deodorant

I am continually on a quest or find natural health and beauty products that work. Something I’ve always been trying, but failing to find something that works? Natural deodorant.

Your average deodorant has dangerous chemicals and there is nothing good that can come from antiperspirant. After trying a salt stick (messy and fairly ineffective even after a month) and Tom’s (had a mystery ingredient I was allergic to—nothing like a rash in your pits!) I had all but given up on my search.

And then a lovely blogger friend of mine introduced a deodorant line in her natural beauty product store.

This stuff is amazing! I’ve worked out, danced at concerts, ran the streets of Grand Rapids to make a meeting on time and have smelled great all the while. I highly recommend this product. Even after 24 hours of travel on vacation, I still smelled fresh. (-ish, because let’s face it, plane grime is a real thing.)

My scent is wildflower, but I can’t wait to lemon grass vanilla. There are also some more masculine scents for the bros out there!

Order yours here!

Something to drink:Adagio Tea

The lovely folks from Adagio Teas gave me an opportunity to write about their great teas and products. I have been in tea-drinker heaven! I have greatly enjoyed the quality of their teas and the passion they have poured into telling people about their product.

Check out their line of teas! They even have fandom teas for all my nerd friends out there.

Something to read: Red Rising by Pierce Brown

My dear friend Kelsey and I made reading lists for 2017 based off the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2017 challenge this January. One of the categories on my list was A Book from a Genre I Usually Avoid. For me, that is sci-fi. (Don’t hate me!)
It’s no secret that I get the same buzz off a Penny & Sparrow album that I do off a great novel. On their latest release Let A Lover Drown You is the song “Gold”. The song was inspired by the novel Red Rising by Pierce Brown. I had fallen in love with the song and was intrigued to read the story behind it.
It’s a kind of complicated plot to synthesize, (not to read—enthralling to read) but basically Darrow, a red, discovers—at the expense of everything he holds dear—that his life as a pioneering miner under the surface of Mars is instead slavery to a higher cast, the golds. To bring retribution to the death of his wife, Darrow is disguised as a gold to infiltrate their system and bring it down from the inside. I could NOT put this book down. Loved being surprised and thoroughly sucked in by a genre I’ve neglected.

Something to watch: This. PLEASE!

Working in social and digital media day in and day out, I see a lot of people doing it right. I see a lot of people doing it wrong.

Basically, if you’re on Snapchat or Insta, feel free to have your videos vertical. If you’re anywhere else, PLEASE! For the love of all things holy, make sure you’re filming horizontally. I die a little any time I see a vertical video on a non-vertical platform.

Also, this video is just plain hilarious.

Something to listen to: Addendum

Penny and Sparrow and Corey Kliganon released an EP together last week and it’s wonderful. They combine two of their songs into one new one and the result is fabulous, adding a layer to the original songs while maintaining something wholly original.
It’s available on Noisetrade and the proceeds go to Music and Memory.
Download here!

Friday Favorites: April 2017

I’m excited to be bringing back Friday Favorites! I’m excited to share some sites, products, and worthwhile diversions I think you’ll enjoy.

Something to try: The Skimm

With everything happening in the news in the past year, I found myself getting sucked in and more of my time getting sucked up. And it was soul-sucking.

I needed to set a boundary, but I still wanted to be informed.

Enter The Skimm.

The Skimm is an email that arrives in my inbox every weekday morning. It’s basically SparkNotes for the news. I get all the highlights with links for further reading. I’m able to keep up with the major events in the world, but I don’t have to let it eat up my day.

My favorite Skimm is Friday because they include some great book recommendations.

Subscribe and try it for yourself here!

Something to follow: Grit and Virtue

A friend showed me a killer Instagram account a couple months ago and I have come to love not just Grit and Virtue’s Instagram, but all of their content!

Written to empower young professional women, I have resonated with so much of their articles. If you want a great preview, I recommend you read this or this.

Something to read: Grace is Greater

On my 30-before-30 list, I wrote that I wanted to have a deeper understanding of grace. God’s funny because the next book to cross my desk was Kyle Idleman’s latest, Grace is Greater.

As a follow up to his book Not A Fan, Idleman wanted a chance to explore grace is a way he didn’t get to in the first book. He pulls no punches and his words bring God’s grace into vivid realization.

I found the book to be deeply encouraging and the freedom I found in thinking on it’s themes was so needed.

Pick up your copy here.

Something to watch: Jane the Virgin

While we were both going through Gilmore Girls withdrawl, a coworker recommended Jane the Virgin as a new drug of choice.

The show is a satirical telenovela featuring Jane, a devout catholic young woman who’s grandmother guilted her into maintaining her virginity until marriage. Due to a doctor’s mishap during what was supposed to be a pap smear, Jane finds herself artificially inseminated with her bosses baby…and it only gets crazier from there.

The writing is witty, the acting is spectacular, and the clothes are really fun. Jane the Virgin has become a wonderful guilty pleasure and is the perfect show to start if you’ve found yourself in a rut. The first two seasons are on Netflix!

Something to listen to: Georgica Pond

I had the pleasure of getting to see Johnnyswim live last month. It was a great show and, yes, they are that beautiful in person.

Their sophomore album Georgica Pond released last year. The songs are simultaneously rough and smooth in it’s blend of R&B and Americana. Listening to it this winter has been a burst of summer. If you’re looking for something fresh for your playlist, Georgica Pond is the way to go.