Five Hundred Words

So last week, I was talking about being challenged to just write my novel.

I was talking with a writer who has written–and published/going to publish– five novels in the past year. Count them. Five! Seriously. And I’m not feeling inadequate that five is the number of years it has taken be to work on my own novel. Not at all. Me? No… Alright fine, perhaps a bit.

He not only challenged me just to write the novel–to just get it done and off my back–but to give myself a word count. I have to reach that word count every day and if I do not, I have to make myself feel really


Seems like a good enough method.

My daily goal is at least 500 words every day. That’s 3,500 words in a week–give or take Sunday. I am excited to hold myself to this daily. It’s been so long since I’ve given myself permission to write like this! The creativity block I felt is crumbling just by giving myself the freedom to create and play with my work.

What is something you’ve been working on that you’d like to complete? What is a baby-step you can assign yourself on a regular basis to get it completed?

To my writers out there, what do you do to keep yourself motivated and writing? Any goals or tricks to make it happen for you?

Happy creating!