Friday Favorites: July

Today I’m trying out something new. I’d like to have a once a month post on Friday’s featuring some awesome that’s stumbled into my life. I’ll admit it, I’m kind of a stamp tramp. If I find something I like, I’m ready to recommend it to everyone. So I have my picks for the month and I have my stamp ready to tramp, so here are the favorites for July!

1.) Songza

For the first two, I’m stealing recommendations from my friend Brittney. She introduced me to this awesome music website. Usually when I’m at work, I have Pandora going at my desk. Thing is, after a while, Pandora gets really repetitive. Enter Songza! You enter what time of day it is, what you’re doing, and what you’re in the mood for and you are given a playlist based on that information. A couple of my favorite playlists are “Songs from Apple Commercials” and “That Sweet Mumford Melancholy.” And like Pandora, it’s free. Not like Pandora, It’s commercial free! If you have an account or sign up for one, you can follow me; my handle is aldeweese.

2.) Stabilo

Brittney has also always had these amazing pens I’ve lusted after since I met her. I finally bought a set of my own and they are worth every penney. (BTDubs, they do not cost very many pennys. My set cost about $13 on amazon.) They are a fine tip colored marker made by a German company. The colors are vibrant and make really neat lines. You can purchase your own here!

3.)Herman’s Boy Chai

I’m a loose leaf junky… and a chai addict. Combine the two and there is no way I can turn down a good set of leaves! In my small hometown, I frequent Herman’s Boy Coffee Ranch. Located in an old farmhouse, the shop itself has a wonderful, sunny atmosphere and the best price for drinks I’ve seen anywhere. I have never spent more than three dollars on any of their specialty drinks. Not only do they have a great coffee shop, but they have a splendid selection of loose leaf teas. (And yes, they have coffee, but I don’t like coffee and this is my blog!;-] ) This month, I decided it was time to try out their chai and I was not disappointed. It has a wonderful spicy flavor and makes a mean latte. I may never purchase Tazo again! Plus it’s from a local company and you can’t beat that.

4.)  Canturbury Classics

While on the writing retreat with the Inklyrks this month, we were at a bookstore where I found the most beautiful leather-bound editions of some classics. They are published my Canterbury Classics from Thunder Bay Press. The edition is World Cloud Classics. They offer many popular classics such as Pride & PrejudiceLes Miserables, and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. For myself, I purchased The Count of Monte Cristo, one of my all-time favorites. Each of these books features a soft leather cover with quotes engraved around the title. They books are all beautiful and colorful and I think a great way to build up the classics section of your home library.

5.) The Joy Dare

Ann Voskamp is a wonderfully profound author and blogger. (You can check her out at A Holy Experience.) I find great thinking material for my journey from her daily postings. Part of her writing focuses on finding he simple gifts in the every day. As part of her blog, she offers a joy dare which is an opportunity to find three gifts a day for a year as an exercise in finding the joy in all circumstances. I am a fairly negative person and was becoming bothered by the behavior. In search of a way to shift my attitude toward gratitude, I found the joy dare and have been incredibly blessed by it. I highly recommend checking it out.

So those are my five favorites from the month of July! Check ’em out and tell me what you think!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: July

  1. Ah,Canturbury Classics. One of the most wonderful things ever to be found at a bookstore. I have set aside a good chunk of money to purchase a few myself and I cannot wait. Also, you can never go wrong with Herman's Boy Chai.


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