The Cardboard House

My family has lived in the same house since I was nine months old. And now we are looking to move.

It’s weird. I cannot imagine not living here. The change will be exciting… Just weird.

To get ready for showings and make our hundred-year-old house look more spacious, we have begun to pack up our closets and storage areas. At the moment, it feels like everything is in boxes. The rooms are filled with them. We made countless trips to the storage area this weekend. Our house is becoming empty.

And we do not know if our house will sell that quickly or what house we even want to buy. My parents just feel it is time for a change and God is opening up the doors.

My dad is saying that this is a chance to step out on faith and just see what happens. It’s scary. The unknown is beckoning. It’s a hard call to accept. It will be great to have a larger room and spaces to entertain in. But for now, all we have is boxes.

It’s those seasons of unknown that bring about the greatest opportunities to trust. It is there God has met our family in wonderful and mysterious ways. It is there we have grown close with each other and with Him.

So yes, I am a little sad to move. Many of my evenings this month have been spent strolling down memory lane, flipping through old notebooks and photo albums before they go into boxes. So many things have happened here. Many memories I will always cherish.

But the new is exciting. The new will provide adventure and many many more memories. The new is filled with God’s blessing as well as his lessons for the four of us.

So here is to packing your world in a box and going on an adventure with nothing but faith… and boxes.

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