Threads Thursday! Literary Coziness

This is a trial run for something I’ve been interested in trying for many months now. I love clothes and live my life notoriously over-dressed. I’m not attempting fashion-blogger-y here, but I just wanted to try a fashion post. I love having ideas from other bloggers on how to extend the wear of my wardrobe. It’s nice to see how others pair their basics to make new outfits out of what they already own. Here is my attempt!

I was feeling literary and cozy this Saturday. I wore this to meet some friends for coffee and was pleasantly warm and comfy. This tan wool blazer is one of my favorite closet items and instantly classes up a casual look. I thought a sweater and a blazer would be overkill, but this is Michigan and I was actually quite comfortable in this super chilly weather. (Darn you, polar vortex!)

Scarf–Target (Similar)
Cable-Knit Sweater–Hand-me-down
Belt–Fossil (Similar)
Shoes–Hush Puppy

I love vintage touches, like the high heels. I’ve also become a champion of a blazer… with pretty much every outfit. When I found this one at the store, it reminded me of the tweed jacket of a professor… sans, elbow patches. (La, if only there were elbow patches!)

Hope you’re staying warm and cozy in your end of the world!

4 thoughts on “Threads Thursday! Literary Coziness

  1. LOVE. I've had pieces in my wardrobe that I've had since I was 17. Still in good shape, but I really need some tips on how to fashionably repurpose those old things. 🙂


  2. Yes ma'am! I just drape it evenly over my shoulders and then take one end at a time, pulling it completely around my neck and tuck the loose ends underneath… I don't think that's very clear. Perhaps I should do a tutorial on scarf stuff.
    Perhaps I shall see you soon and can teach you then 😉


  3. Pinterest has been a life-saver in that for me. I've had pieces for ages that I practically threw out because I didn't know what to do with them. It's save me a lot of money finding new ways to wear old things! I'm hoping to pay the favor forward here.


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