Made for Elsewhere

freestocks-org-157863Being honest here. Being embarrassingly, shamefully honest: I expect a lot out of a new article of clothing.

There is a small part of my mind that thinks (and I wish I was not telling the truth here!) that maybe with the right jeans, or dress, or shoes, maybe everything will finally be okay. Maybe with that new pencil skirt, I’ll find professional fulfillment. Maybe with the right cut of jeans, he’ll ask me out. Maybe the perfect heels will actually satisfy.

And I know I’ve discussed this a little before, but just because I wrote about it doesn’t mean I solved it.

Here’s what I know: the lies we believe manifest themselves differently in different stages of life. I may feel more secure in my appearance, but there were other insecurities that were able to take a front seat in its place as soon as that began to vacate.

My good friend Bruce was right on when he sang that we all have a hungry heart.

We all have that thing. Yours may not be clothes. Yours may be attention, or food, or relationships, or travel. We all have something in our lives that we are trying to make satisfy that aching place.

Folding my laundry this week, I looked at the tangle of warm jeans and had to shake my head. This was just fabric. It is incapable of doing anything but covering my body. It provides nothing but warmth.

Nothing on this earth is meant to satisfy my insecurities or desires. Nothing is going to bring the level of satisfaction I ache for. Nothing is going to assure me that I’m beautiful or worthy of love.

Certainly a pair of jeans isn’t going to do any of that.


One of my favorite quotes from C.S. Lewis is

If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.

We ache for so much that will never be experienced this side of heaven. We battle brokenness daily. Seasons of darkness can weigh so heavily. We were not made for here. We were not made for this insecurity and toil and pain.

We were made to be satisfied and secure. To be completely fulfilled. To be happy.

For everything we will not have here, we do have love. We are so completely and incredibly loved. And it is because of that love that we can experience fulfillment, security, and happiness.

But only from the source—Jesus Christ.

I have gone for too long feeling like food didn’t taste as good as it could, relationships were not as fulfilling as they should, conversations were not as satisfying as I wanted. Everything was falling short.

And everything should be falling short.

It is only when I am seeking my fulfillment in Christ that life is put in its proper place. I am able to give to my relationships and receive all that is there. I am able to be fully engaged in conversations. My work is satisfying in a proper way. My clothing takes a proper place as mere material.

When we are rooted where we were meant to be, life takes on the deep meaning it was meant to have. We serve out of confidence and security. We give out of a pure heart and generous spirit. We love out of humility and selflessness.


The Fashion Pieces That Will Never Make You Look Dated

I’ll be the first to admit it:

I love playing dress-up. Never gave it up. I’m not a great fashionista; I just like clothes.

Trying out new trends, trying to recreate classic looks, experimenting with what I already own; that’s really fun for me.

I’ve also subscribed to a couple fashion magazines. Harper’s Bazaar is currently the only one I get now, but I find it fun to flip through and see what’s new.

Let night I ran across an article advertised on their Facebook page that made me curious:


I thought, ‘I’m twenty-two. How dated can my closet be?’ Woe to the arrogant because the first thing I saw made me just a little bit sad.
I have this favorite pair of round-toe nude pumps that I wear with practically everything. Weddings, presentations, a night out,… delivering the mail. They may be my favorite running shoes. Seriously, I wear these things everywhere.
So what is the first item on this list?
Yeah. Round-toe heels.
Joining my beloved pair of pumps where a few items that I don’t own, but I was still surprised by. Studded leather jackets, harem pants–which should be on this list–things that only a few months ago they were telling people to buy.
So a few weeks ago, this magazine was praising people for wearing pairing their harem pants and studded jackets. Now, they are “dated.”
How is a girl supposed to keep up? And should she?
I’ve talked about how I have struggled to try and find my significance in what I wear and how I look. It’s silly rules of fashion that keep me living in fear and discouragement. I am not on trend. But is my worth still intact.
Well, yeah! It would just be silly to consider myself unworthy just because a magazine that means nothing to me doesn’t like my shoes.
Here is what I say: Find what works for you. 
Wear what is flattering on your body and makes you feel confident. Love what you own and has served your style well. Be timeless–not necessarily trendy.
You have a beauty to offer, my friend. Don’t hide under harem pants (for the love of humanity, please!) but instead under what makes you feel best… even if that is a pair of harem pants, I guess. You were created to be the crown of creation, made in the image of a beautiful God. Your clothing does not change this. No magazine can degrade that… only if you let it.
So I’ll keep on wearing my round-toe pumps with pride. What piece in your closet gives you that confidence boost?

Denim on Denim: What to Do?

Shirt–Target (Similar) Not
condoning the price on this one!
Belt–Fossil (Similar)

So I think it’s safe to say that denim is a closet staple.

I’m no expert and honestly, I’m just trying to figure out how to keep my closet fresh without buying anything new. So how does a mid-western girl like me pair denim with–erm–denim?

I personally love dark denim. I feel it easily classes up the most comfortable outfit. I like classic things and dark jeans make me feel that way.

So why pair it with another denim? Well… because I wanted to.

Scarf –Gift from Cambodia

Now, I’m not going for a weird denim suit look here. But you also don’t want  them to clash or look odd. I try to match a lighter denim to the inside tone of the jeans. Then the denims are in the same blue family and you know they’ll complement.

I had trouble finding a denim top for a while. I’ll let you in on my secret: it’s from the boy’s section at Target. The boyfriend fit is still there, but isn’t drowning my frame. I don’t provide much in way of a chest, so this works well for me. It may not for you, but I would say it’s worth a try. Also, this shirt was half the price of the women’s version when I purchased it a could years ago!

I paired this dynamic denim duo with a feminine scarf, some bohemian jewelry, and a pair of black pumps. The mint beaded bracelet was one I bought while in Camichines. The designer does custom work, but also has lots of great pieces you can check out by clicking this link! It’s been one of my favorite accessories to wear with almost everything. This was a fun outfit that really got me in the mood for spring.

Bracelets: Cuff–Icing (similar); Beads–handmade (Check out more here!)

Threads Thursday! Literary Coziness

This is a trial run for something I’ve been interested in trying for many months now. I love clothes and live my life notoriously over-dressed. I’m not attempting fashion-blogger-y here, but I just wanted to try a fashion post. I love having ideas from other bloggers on how to extend the wear of my wardrobe. It’s nice to see how others pair their basics to make new outfits out of what they already own. Here is my attempt!

I was feeling literary and cozy this Saturday. I wore this to meet some friends for coffee and was pleasantly warm and comfy. This tan wool blazer is one of my favorite closet items and instantly classes up a casual look. I thought a sweater and a blazer would be overkill, but this is Michigan and I was actually quite comfortable in this super chilly weather. (Darn you, polar vortex!)

Scarf–Target (Similar)
Cable-Knit Sweater–Hand-me-down
Belt–Fossil (Similar)
Shoes–Hush Puppy

I love vintage touches, like the high heels. I’ve also become a champion of a blazer… with pretty much every outfit. When I found this one at the store, it reminded me of the tweed jacket of a professor… sans, elbow patches. (La, if only there were elbow patches!)

Hope you’re staying warm and cozy in your end of the world!