The Fashion Pieces That Will Never Make You Look Dated

I’ll be the first to admit it:

I love playing dress-up. Never gave it up. I’m not a great fashionista; I just like clothes.

Trying out new trends, trying to recreate classic looks, experimenting with what I already own; that’s really fun for me.

I’ve also subscribed to a couple fashion magazines. Harper’s Bazaar is currently the only one I get now, but I find it fun to flip through and see what’s new.

Let night I ran across an article advertised on their Facebook page that made me curious:


I thought, ‘I’m twenty-two. How dated can my closet be?’ Woe to the arrogant because the first thing I saw made me just a little bit sad.
I have this favorite pair of round-toe nude pumps that I wear with practically everything. Weddings, presentations, a night out,… delivering the mail. They may be my favorite running shoes. Seriously, I wear these things everywhere.
So what is the first item on this list?
Yeah. Round-toe heels.
Joining my beloved pair of pumps where a few items that I don’t own, but I was still surprised by. Studded leather jackets, harem pants–which should be on this list–things that only a few months ago they were telling people to buy.
So a few weeks ago, this magazine was praising people for wearing pairing their harem pants and studded jackets. Now, they are “dated.”
How is a girl supposed to keep up? And should she?
I’ve talked about how I have struggled to try and find my significance in what I wear and how I look. It’s silly rules of fashion that keep me living in fear and discouragement. I am not on trend. But is my worth still intact.
Well, yeah! It would just be silly to consider myself unworthy just because a magazine that means nothing to me doesn’t like my shoes.
Here is what I say: Find what works for you. 
Wear what is flattering on your body and makes you feel confident. Love what you own and has served your style well. Be timeless–not necessarily trendy.
You have a beauty to offer, my friend. Don’t hide under harem pants (for the love of humanity, please!) but instead under what makes you feel best… even if that is a pair of harem pants, I guess. You were created to be the crown of creation, made in the image of a beautiful God. Your clothing does not change this. No magazine can degrade that… only if you let it.
So I’ll keep on wearing my round-toe pumps with pride. What piece in your closet gives you that confidence boost?

4 thoughts on “The Fashion Pieces That Will Never Make You Look Dated

  1. How do you feel about heels? I mean, obviously you wear them. I've been starting to wear some since I am rather small, and I enjoy the classy, old-fashioned feel of them. But recently I ran into a discussion with one of my best guy friends about why we wear heels. He's very opinionated in all things, and I do not expect to sway him, but I've been wondering if maybe heels aren't such a good idea. Sure, they look nice, but they can be uncomfortable or at least impractical, I've heard they are bad for your feet (though flat shoes are not healthy, either), and is wearing a clothing item because it makes you feel more confident and secure a good idea? Does it not become a crutch?


  2. Why hello there! And thanks for the thoughtful questions!
    I LOVE heels, mostly for the reason you stated at the beginning. They're classy, like the vixen in a black-and-white movie. They make a great sounds as you walk along a sidewalk. They make me feel feminine when I walk across a room.
    That's not to say they don't have down-sides. They can be uncomfortable if you're not willing to make an investment in a solid pair. They can harm your feet if you wear them all the time. They can be instrumental in breaking something if you don't take the time to learn to walk in them.
    But if you think about it, don't most of the things we love in life have both their good qualities and bad? Anything can be a crutch, making you feel more confident and secure. Clothing, alcohol, social media. Name it, you run the risk of hiding behind it.
    I wear heels because I like the way they make me look and feel when I dress up. They complete the look and help me feel like a lady. But my non-heeled shoes can have the same effect.
    It's when I stake my identity, and even my worship on what I'm wearing that it becomes a problem. Does that make sense?
    There are my two cents for you and your guy friend. I hope this progresses the discussion!


  3. Thank you. I appreciate and agree with all you've said. I also applaud you for your taste for the classic. Part of the reason I read this article was because of your picture of Audrey Hepburn. 🙂
    Though I'm not sure my friend will ever give in or truly be able to appreciate heels, I appreciate the fact that he and you have helped me to evaluate and question why I wear heels.
    Thanks again! Stay gold. 🙂


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