Denim on Denim: What to Do?

Shirt–Target (Similar) Not
condoning the price on this one!
Belt–Fossil (Similar)

So I think it’s safe to say that denim is a closet staple.

I’m no expert and honestly, I’m just trying to figure out how to keep my closet fresh without buying anything new. So how does a mid-western girl like me pair denim with–erm–denim?

I personally love dark denim. I feel it easily classes up the most comfortable outfit. I like classic things and dark jeans make me feel that way.

So why pair it with another denim? Well… because I wanted to.

Scarf –Gift from Cambodia

Now, I’m not going for a weird denim suit look here. But you also don’t want  them to clash or look odd. I try to match a lighter denim to the inside tone of the jeans. Then the denims are in the same blue family and you know they’ll complement.

I had trouble finding a denim top for a while. I’ll let you in on my secret: it’s from the boy’s section at Target. The boyfriend fit is still there, but isn’t drowning my frame. I don’t provide much in way of a chest, so this works well for me. It may not for you, but I would say it’s worth a try. Also, this shirt was half the price of the women’s version when I purchased it a could years ago!

I paired this dynamic denim duo with a feminine scarf, some bohemian jewelry, and a pair of black pumps. The mint beaded bracelet was one I bought while in Camichines. The designer does custom work, but also has lots of great pieces you can check out by clicking this link! It’s been one of my favorite accessories to wear with almost everything. This was a fun outfit that really got me in the mood for spring.

Bracelets: Cuff–Icing (similar); Beads–handmade (Check out more here!)

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