Friday Favorites: February

Check out the links and products for February! This is kind of a random assortment, but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1. Dragon–Breathe Owl Breathe

This is probably the weirdest song ever, but I can’t help but love it. A friend from my writer’s group recommended it and I’ve been loving this band ever since. This song is so simple, whimsical, and weird that I am absolutely smitten. Lovely little love song for your post-Valentine’s day enjoyment. Breathe Owl Breathe is a wonderful band from Michigan (woot woot!) and has many other weird and wonderful folk songs that you should check out.

2. Pomodoro Technique
This is how I’ve been writing my novel the past two months. I live by the Pomodoro technique. Ann Voskamp’s blog lead me here and I am so thankful for her recommendation. (Has there been a Friday favorite I haven’t ripped from her?) 
Basically how it works is 25 minutes of highly focused work followed by a five minute break. Repeat until your task is complete. This is now how I write, blog, and clean. Things get done and get done well without wasting a ton of time. I am in love with Pomodoro’s! Try it out and see how your productivity increases.

3. VSCOcam
I LOVE this app. My squibby ipod photos become artsy and lovely thanks to Visual Supply Co’s app. (My Instagram is a testimony to this.) It’s a free photo app that adds wonderful filters while also allowing you to adjust  exposure and contrast before even snapping a picture. Don’t believe it’s all that an a bag of chips? Search #VSCOcam on Instagram. (Real photographers know what they’re doing with this app. Their pictures are a better testament to the app than my own.)

4. Green Eyeliner
I don’t wear my make-up this thick,
but you get the idea
My latest make-up addiction? Green eyeliner. I bought a bottle for Halloween as part of a costume for Irene Adler. It was supposed to be a weird cosplay addition. But I loved it! It made my eyes look super dark brown and really brought attention to my eyes. I use Wet and Wild and only paid a little over two dollars. If you’re looking for a way to spice up a party look, I’d highly recommend trying a funky eyeliner color to complement your eyes.

5.iHOME speaker iHM60
I have a small confession: My job can be mindless at times. When things get slow, we watch Hulu while completing print orders. Thing is, the speakers on our work computer are less than adequate. I have the iHome speaker in my car and we have used this ever since. It cranks of the volume of my ipod or my laptop for sharing movies or playlists. It’s probably my favorite gadget.

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: February

  1. Well thank you for following back!
    Pomodoro has been so helpful. I'm quite distractable and like to think I can multi-task well–not so much. I find this a nice way to hold myself accountable to what needs to be done. Let me know how it works out for you and thanks for stopping by!


  2. Ooooo music recommendation! I love those. 🙂 I've never been one brave enough to try bright colored eye make-up, but that green kinda makes me want to try it. I've never heard of Pomodoro, but it sounds fascinating and practical! I approve of your Ann Voskamp favorites. 🙂


  3. Did you like the song? I know it's really quirky. Every time he gets to the line about penmanship, I just laugh to myself.
    Let me know how your eye make-up experimentation goes. As well as any Pomodoro experiments.
    I have a big woman crush on Ann Voskamp. I was once at a conference where she was speaking and I did not attend her session because I was not aware of how awesome she was at that point. I have since resolved to make up for my ignorance by just being obsessed with the wisdom God has given her.
    Thanks for stopping by again!


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