I’m Running Away to Mexico!

Remember when I said I was hoping to get a shot at international travel this year? And then later when I said that some cool opportunities where in the works?

Whelp, the title is kind of a major spoiler.

Regardless, I’m running away to Mexico!!!!!

These past few months have been filled with sulking and applying for jobs and worrying about the future and trying to get my life organized and me me me blah blah blah BLEH!

It becomes suffocating, being self-obsessed. It’s boring and unhealthy. So when the opportunity to go on a short-term missions trip came up, I thought it might be a good way to shake up the MeMeMe in my life to become a little bit more HimHimHim.

I will be spending the first part of March at a self-contained orphanage outside of Guadalajara. (Read more at this awesome blog!) There is a small team of us going down to provide for some physical needs such as building a chicken coop and helping with cleaning and care of the animals and loving and playing with children. The team will also be adding a second story to the school and helping with corn harvesting.

Prayer for the team as well as for those we will be working with would be appreciated. We’re still raising support for the projects we’ll be working on. Prayer for that would be greatly appreciated. Also prayers for good weather and health and strength for the team would be wonderful. A lot of what we will be doing will be outside and requires a lot of stamina, especially in the hot sun.

We fly out on the 8th of March and will be there for a week. I will be able to blog throughout my time there and hope to provide you all with a daily postcard on what is happening and what I’m learning.

What sorts of adventures are you all up to lately? I’d love to hear!

Until then,


8 thoughts on “I’m Running Away to Mexico!

  1. Oh my, how jealous I am (in a very good way!). 🙂 I understand that need to do less MeMeMe and more Him. I'm so glad you're taking off on an adventure into that. I'm anxious to read your reports, and will be prayerful for your support and preparation; and the preparation of those you're going to minister to!


  2. Thank you so much. I've been praying for softened hearts for both those serving and those we are going to serve. God is great and glorious and I am excited to see how he will reveal himself on this trip. Thanks for your prayers, Jen!


  3. GAHH! I'm excited!… but I miss you. Perhaps I will suddenly become fluent in Spanish during the week and will have to write you a letter of all our adventures. Praying for you on your own adventure!


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