Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

First, an apology for the dead interwebs last week. I was actually not able to have internet access in Mexico like I had originally thought. I still have posts that will go live next week. I am so excited to share what happened over such a wonderful and eye-opening week. In the mean time, check out #BHBCMex on instagram or twitter!

Now: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I plan to celebrate this evening with some Irish tea and enjoyment of some of my favorite poems from poets of the emeraled Isle. Here is my favorite poem EVER written by the incredible underrated Patrick Kavanagh. 

I find great resonance in this poem as I journey through this season of the unknown. For me, it illustrates God’s control and my need to trust. Please enjoy!

Having Confessed
by Patrick Kavanagh

Having confessed he feels
That he should go down on his knees and pray
For forgiveness for his pride, for having
Dared to view his soul from the outside.
Lie at the heart of the emotion, time
Has its own work to do. We must not anticipate
Or awaken for a moment. God cannot catch us
Unless we stay in the unconscious room
Of our hearts. We must be nothing,
Nothing that God may make us something.
We must not touch the immortal material
We must not daydream to-morrow’s judgment
God must be allowed to surprise us.
We have sinned, sinned like Lucifer
By this anticipation. Let us lie down again
Deep in anonymous humility and God
May find us worthy material for His hand.
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