Find A Place in Your City

I am a firm believer of the importance of place, be that your place in a season of life or your spiritual journey, but mostly physical place.

Though I am not in a relationship, I would argue that I lead a fairly romantic life and this is why:

I am in love with my city.

Grand Rapids is a beautiful and diverse city that loves the arts, food, and beer—all things I can get behind. I love exploring new corners of it, or trying a different restaurant, or just going someplace that is familiar—that’s home.

I think if you live anywhere, bit it for 90 years or just a month, I think you should fine a place that is your “spot.” Go there often. Observe the people there, watch how the light plays with the scenery. Bring a journal and your bible, let that place become your sanctuary. Read there, let your favorite characters enjoy your spot as well.

Find your favorite place in your favorite city and claim it as your own.

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My favorite place is the Pantlind lobby of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. It’s decorations remind me of something out of Gatsby. There is a Starbucks around the corner. The armchairs are welcoming and the lighting is warm. It’s absolutely perfect.

I will go there to journal and figure out life. I will share it with close friends like it’s a special secret. I will just take a break from the hectic pace of life and just enjoy.

I think if we are rooted in a place, we need to embrace that place. This might mean finding a physical spot to pass special moments in. This might mean investing in a local church. It might mean making a friend in a city that is still unfamiliar to you.

Be rooted where you are. Fall in love with the city your are planted in. Enjoy the life before you.

3 thoughts on “Find A Place in Your City

      1. You’re very welcome! Well, there’s a little coffee shop that I adore in the downtown area not too far from where I live. I love the treats that they serve there, and the outdoor sitting area they have set up is absolutely beautiful. It’s definitely a favorite of the locals!

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