Season’s Greetings!

Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while. I promise, I’m here to stay!

In the last month, I have moved out of the home I have known for the past twenty years, finished school for the near future, and happened upon a real job in which I have to think. It’s like my grew up in the last few weeks without me and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that yet.

It’s exciting–don’t get me wrong–but it’s weird.

I feel like I’ve written so much on this blog on stages of life and the shift from one to another. Writing about it and watching it happen practically overnight are two very different things.
Some of it’s scary, some of it overwhelming, but at the end of the day, things are good. I am cared for. The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.

So often at work, I feel so clueless. Learning to ask for help is hard. Especially when I am trying to impress the people I work for. But here’s the thing: Part of being good at what you do is knowing when to ask for help.

I have been blessed by a wonderful supervisor who is patient and encouraging. The publishing world is fairly new to me, especially in the obscure corner the company I work for is dabbling in. Every day is a new challenge. Some of them hard, some of them exciting, all of them what I’ve needed. God is providing for me in such wonderful and unexpected ways.

It’s humbling. It’s a learning experience. And it’s good. Hard, but really healthy. I’ve been given an arena to trust God in and I need to be faithful to that.

It’s a new season and I’m ready to embrace that.

I have now found myself with lots of wonderful time to write and embark on some new projects. I still won’t be up to a consistent two posts a week yet, but at least one. I won’t be leaving you cold-turkey again for a while… or at least without warning.

I just wanted to drop a line to say hello! I’ve missed you all. It feels good to be back in Preppy Bohemia.


Greetings from No-Man’s-Land!

Travelling is one of my favorite things in the world. It is also something I don’t get to do very often. (Alas, being strapped down with student debt does not get you on a plane very easily!) If I cannot travel, I love to get postcards from those who can. Postcards are such lovely thing. You get a small snip-it, a sliver of a moment, complete with a picture of where the person was and what they were thinking at the time. It’s a beautiful blip of a person’s journey and a wonderful gift that they would extend it to you.

So as of right now, I am on a journey. And you are as well and this post is my first postcard to you so that we may share the journey together.

I have recently wrapped up my college years. (For the most part, but we’ll get into that later.) I am in no-man’s-land. That strange place of limbo between college and who knows what. I have reached the end of the map, where there is nothing but ocean and a scrawled message reading: There be monster’s beyond this point.

It’s frightening. It’s thrilling! It is what it is and I have nothing to do but hike my backpack further up onto my shoulders and step forward into the unknown.

I takes guts –  guts I don’t know if I have –  and positivity – which is hard for a sappy cynic to hold on to – and a trust in something bigger than myself – someone I can’t even begin to wrap my thoughts around, let alone my trust. These are uncharted waters. I don’t know what lies ahead here, but we are sure as heck gonna find out.

On the way, I will be posting thoughts, musings, recipes, DIY biz, writing samples, and maybe even some poetry!… (my poetry is not very good so there may not be much of it… I hope you’re not holding your breath…) My goal is to post once a week, on Mondays, with bonus posts showing up on Wednesdays on occasion. We’ll see how this goes.

So start checking you’re mailbox. Postcards are on their way!

               — Lex